Saturday, June 30, 2007

This is an old piece of barnsiding. I mounted a vase on it with copper wire and added the silk flower. The barnsiding reminds me of my love for old barns.

This is where I paint. I look out that window and try to duplicate nature. Did I tell you that I love watercolors!

I painted this from a painting instruction book. I know that I am not very good but I am getting better. I'm having trouble keeping the light and not overworking a painting. Any advice?

Baby Quilts for Charity

I love to sew and I make these baby quilts for charity.

Guitar Purse for Lexi

I made this Guitar purse for my Grandaughter Lexi a couple of years ago.


I made this floorcloth from a remnent of flooring I bought at Lowes. I used the back side which is much like a canvas and acrylic paint. It is stenciled.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Glass Birdbath

This is a birdbath I made from Goodwill vases and a plate. I used silicone caulk to glue it all together.

Gazing Ball

This is my gazing ball made from A bowling ball, silicone caulk and glass blobs. It is for my garden

Painting of The House

Here it is. I want to paint it again because I want to do some things differently.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Alexis and Aaron are coming to visit

It's Tuesday morning and my grandchildren are coming for a visit. I haven't seen them for awhile and I am very excited. It's raining and I hope it stops so that Lexie is not driving in the rain. I know that she is a good driver but I'm a grandma and I worry. (It's my job) I'm going to turn on the pool heater soon and warm up the pool so that we can swim.

This is my latest painting of the inside of a barn. I have been painting for about 4 months and I am improving. I want to paint well and I want to paint my childhood memories. I can make them prettier than they were. How cool is that?

Summertime-The Hybiscus is blooming

I know that it's summer when the Hybiscus blooms. I buy one every year because I'm not good at wintering them. They die here in Indiana in the snow. I am in the process of painting this flower so we will see how it goes.

Fried Green Tomatoes

I planted 2 tomato plants and I now have 6. 4 plants are volunteer from last years crop. I think I will have plenty of tomatoes since DH doesn't eat them. I bought that new liquid plant food that you put on your hose and I feel like Jack in the Beanstalk!

Home Sweet Home

This is the house my family lived in many years ago. I want to paint it!