Friday, January 20, 2012

My DH has a boo boo

Yesterday, Jim went to the doctor's and he has a broken rib.  He fell off of the ladder putting Christmas above the garage and hit his chest on the ladder as he fell.  He thought it was going to be better for a few days but yesterday it became too much.  He now has pain pills and an anti-inflammatory.  As least he got some sleep last night.

Today, I am staying in and painting.  It is too cold for man nor beast.  I really must clean up my studio!  I need to organize!  The same things are in six different places.

The Photos are of the painted postcards I have received so far in my postcard SWAP.  These are not mine so please do not copy.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

John in Freedlander Park

Lovin' Oils
Oils!  Yes, I am playing with oils and I think I liked it.  This is no where near done but it's coming along.  Jim is making a place in the basement room for me to paint oils.  Not one more thing will fit in my tiny studio where I paint watercolor. Right now he is out buying some lighting for my space.  My DH is so supportive of the things I love.  We both feel very fortunate to have something to during our retirement that we love.  Jim is a potter and is getting very good at it.

This painting is of my brother John in Freedlander Park where he often walks.  Sorry about the big head John, but I can fix it.  Love you!