Wednesday, January 11, 2012

John in Freedlander Park

Lovin' Oils
Oils!  Yes, I am playing with oils and I think I liked it.  This is no where near done but it's coming along.  Jim is making a place in the basement room for me to paint oils.  Not one more thing will fit in my tiny studio where I paint watercolor. Right now he is out buying some lighting for my space.  My DH is so supportive of the things I love.  We both feel very fortunate to have something to during our retirement that we love.  Jim is a potter and is getting very good at it.

This painting is of my brother John in Freedlander Park where he often walks.  Sorry about the big head John, but I can fix it.  Love you!

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Don said...

Hi Norena
this work is nice............... and you have only just started working in oils ?