Saturday, April 5, 2008

Now I know what it feels like to be lonesome. Jim comes here tonight for the weekend and then comes back in 1 ½ weeks for the move. I am almost ready for the movers. There still some throw away stuff that I have to carry up from the basement. I have been doing a little each day. Those stairs are a killer. I also have been painting. Not pictures but a kitchen island. I had it up in my sewing room and I’m taking it to Vegas for my new kitchen. I have limited counter space and the island will work well for storage and counter space. When I get out there I will order a Corian top to match the existing counters. I am painting the wood Red! It’s called sun-dried Tomato and looks very Southwestern. The whole house is beige and you know I can’t live a color-less life. My accent colors will be red, gold and green.

My friends have been taking good care of me. I’ve had lots of Breakfasts and lunches out and help with getting ready to get stuff to Goodwill. My sister Barbara is moving to Colorado where her daughter and family live. We are sort of helping each other. The other sister, Pat, is coming to Indiana on Sunday to stay at Barbara’s and help her. Having friends and sisters is great, but, I miss my husband. The move is coming up soon and we will be back together again.

The more stressed I get, the more stressed my little doggies get. They have been chewing up anything that I leave low and jump up to get anything I leave high. They seem to know that a change is coming. Maybe it’s the missing furniture. We filled the garage with furniture for Goodwill and the house looks somewhat bare. Mollie and Maggie know!