Friday, September 7, 2012

I am in the middle of my course at Mcconnell Art Center.  The artist Way has been wonderful in many ways.  Our leader, Linda Langhorst is a supportive, selfless leader and the women that I am taking this course with are all genuine and loving and I hope to be friends with them in the future.

The purpose of this course, for me, is to connect creativity with spiritually.  Since writing my "morning Pages, I find myself being so much more creative, redefining creativity for me and feeling so much closer to my creator.

I hooked the little Santa on burlap and it will be a wall hanging for Christmas.

Last night, we went to our local Farmers Market and bought produce. One piece was this little acorn squash which I had to shoot a photo of before we eat it with maple syrup (sugarless) and pecans.  Yum.  Unlike going to the grocery, I feel like I am supporting the local economy, Getting organic produce and seeing my friends.

I want to paint this little Acorn squash so we will see how that happens.

Yes, Jim is eating popcorn.  This happens before the popcorn even comes out of the cupboard!  This is Maggie, Mollie and Charlie pretending to really love their Daddy.  We all know that it's all about food.