Monday, December 3, 2007

Painting withdrawal

I have been in Ohio for a week to visit with my sister. We played so hard that we didn't stop to paint. Now I have laundry to do and groceries to buy so it might not happen today. Tomorrow for sure. I will get my 10 minutes of drawing into my Moleskin.


Jim said...

Guess who? Well, I tried to stay anonymous but the site made me create an account.

You are really good at painting and have mastered so many different techniques. I get the pleasure of watching your growth and seeing your work on many walls.

Yes I even love the poppy ... Some things need to be around awhile to be appreciated. I will find it hard to see your paintings go as gifts or be sold.

Speaking about being around to be appreciated, I really missed you last week. I'm glad you are back and painting again.

I'm the second writer to this blog, but number one in your life as you are to me.


MJ (Margaret "Joan") said...

Joan again. I sent you an email/post as well so don't know how you'll get it: here or in your mailbox. I'm new at this too. I'm in WA State. My blog is but I haven't posted lately. Coincidentally, I just got back from visiting my lil sis in California for two weeks. Had a great time and completed several pages in my moleskin pocket-size sketchbook. It took very light washes of watercolor. Can't wait to use my new watercolor Moleskin too. I bought it while I was down there. Been too busy for art since returning and sharing your withdrawal symptoms.

Hmmmm Seems Jim is your true fan :)
Ron has been "my fan" for the past 45 years! He just bought me a new laptop! I'm thrilled! (I like diamonds but laptops are ok too!)

MJ (Margaret "Joan") said...

Hi again Norena. The email I sent you came back undeliverable. Mine is if you'd like to write.

Jim said...

mj, don't know if Norena answered you, but I've been Norena's right hand man for 20 years.

Laptops are nice presents. Ask Norena about diamonds. "Good Jim" took care of that.