Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Busy, Busy Week

Finally, I am making new friends. Wednesday I played Canasta with a wonderful group of women from my Newcomers club. Thursday I played Spite and Malace with a differerent group from Newcomers. Some of the women were the same so I got to know them even better and I really love these women! It's so different than in Indiana. Thursday night DH and I went out to dinner with new friends and had a wonderful time! Friday I stayed home and made curtains. Saturday DH and I Played pinochle with the same new friends. I was pretty much clueless but I had a nice time. I am determined to learn this! Today we are meeting new friends at Red Rock Casino for brunch. I have only met her on the phone but I like her already.

I am not used to all this activity and I'm tired but a good tired! Note to self: Pace myself.

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