Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We Love Watercolors!

Yesterday was our first meeting of the Watercolor Group of Las Vegas at my house. It felt so good to have my first house guests and to paint with my new friends! We talked about paper, paints, and misc equipment. A year from now, we will have great painters among us! Our next meeting is September 9th at 10:30.


MJ said...

WAAAAA! I wanna come too! Tell me what you're working on! Details! Whatcha working on in September? What FUN! I'm going to have a group at the lake house when we get more settled. Maybe we should have a retreat here!

Norena said...

Let me know when and where. I would come. We are going to do trees and whatever else anyone wants to do. Not everyone is convinced that they will love watercolor the way we do so we will see.