Saturday, April 3, 2010

What a Day!

Yesterday, Jim and I went out to lunch and to a stained glass store to see some used table for some work space for his pottery.  The lunch was wonderful and when we got to the store I tripped over a 5" curb and went down hard!  I was very graceful!  I went down on my knee then tryed to brace myself with my hand.  I continued to catapault over and went down on my face.  Let's see.  Taking inventory, my wrist is sore, my ankle is sore, my knee is sore and my easter egg above my eyebrow is sore.  The good news is God is Good!  I can walk just fine today, I do not have even a bruise on me, just Aleve and I slept great and I'm up and about today.  I must have a gaurdian angel of clumsyness.  Oh, I forgot...I scratched the lense on my glasses beyond repair so we are off to the eyeglass place today.  Whew!  Nothing happened that cannot be fixed.


AutumnLeaves said...

Oh goodness, Norena! That so sounds like something I would do! So glad to hear that you aren't feeling any ill effects or much evidence of the disaster. So...did you buy the table?

Deborah said...

So glad nothing serious! God IS Good!!!!!