Friday, September 3, 2010

Peaches and tomatoes..Oh MY!

I haven't posted for almost a month!  I have been busy canning again.  We have 21 qt of tomatoes and 24 qt of peaches.  If we get snowed in, we will eat!  My little neighbor Amanda brought me fresh brown eggs from her chickens that she is raising.  I was thrilled!  Yummy eggs that taste like eggs used to taste. 

My sister Pat and went shopping/thrifting on Wednesday after we painted, and I got my heat gun that I have been wanting for 40% off.  Pat had a coupon for both of us.  We are going to make holiday cards with embossing.  My painting is of the Rose of Sharon that is in my back yard.  Pat picked the last two flowers on it for my reference.  I am painting it in cool colors for WCW.  I even got some cleaning in yesterday.

We have given up and trying to crate Mollie and Maggie at night!   They used to be crated but it got so hot for them this summer, we relented and let them sleep on our bed.  Now they will not sleep in the crate.  Charlie sleeps under the bed like Angel used to sleep.  We haven't gotten a full nights sleep since we tried this so we just gave up. 


AutumnLeaves said...

We've never had much luck with crating our dogs. They look so pitiful and heartbroken that we just couldn't do it. Couple that pitiful look with whining, barking, and yowling and it didn't take long for them to break us. Even sheeting the crates to calm them didn't work! Yikes! We are currently trying to keep the youngest of them off the bed. She's too big to sleep with.

Norena said...

Ah, We love our dogs!