Thursday, December 30, 2010

Drawing, Watercolor and W/N White

I am trying all kinds of new things. Some, I am not doing well but I really like this one. After drawing with a #2 pencil, I painted with watercolors using BS, Magenta, Azo Yellow and Paynes grey. When it was dry, I splattered wikth W/N Bleedproof white and a toothbrush. The idea for the pole light came from "Capture the Charm of Your Hometown" by Frank Loudin. This was fun!

Oh, I Forgot.  I used Payne's Grey and Susie's Brush for the swirling snow.    I also used a circle template and a Mr Clean Magic Eraser for the moon.
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jmeetze said...

I love the warm glow of the buildings in the swirl of snow.

Norena said...

Thanks so much. I just let loose and threw paint. What freedom and fun!

Donn said...

Looks good. Well done.

Brenda Yarborough said...

Fantastic job! Good idea to use the magic eraser for the moon, isn't that just the most awesome tool for watercolor?!

Norena said...

The Magic Eraser is just too cool. I have seen people cut stencils of figures, boats, and trees and just wipe that part out of a finished painting. I always buy another when I go to the grocery because , heaven forbide that I would run out!