Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ahh Spring…Achooo!



Yes, I have a love…”not so much” relationship with Spring.  Jim said I snored last night.  Not a pretty picture!  I woke this morning with a snuffy nose and sore throat.  Ick!  As you can see, the grass is green and the ducks are growing.  I do love our little homestead in the Spring.  Jim is working on the raised beds for the garden today and I will move the herbs there.  I really just want salad stuff (tomatos, lettuce, etc).

Yesterday, Pat and I went thifting”.  I found a large tablet of rice paper, I large container for water, a bamboo mat for brushes and a goose neck lamp for still life light.  Isn’t it amazing how many art supplies I find.  How can anyone give them up?  My studio is beginning to look like a hoarder so I really must get more organized..or just paint!  What, you mean that there is another answer?

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