Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cool As a Cucumber!

The produce is coming in and I have cooked zucinni in everything I can think of.  Any suggestions.  Now we have an abundance of cucumbers! I live in a non-air conditioned house so Cool...NOT!  The background of this painting was created by masking off the cucumber with masking tape, Laying down a plastic lace tablecloth, and spraying with a spraybottle I filled with water and Mag Blue watercolor  DS Paint.

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Janet said...

Courgette Soup, and chocolate Cake, Layered with grated cheese and breadcrumbs baked and eaten cold, In salad, ratoutille, frozen for use in winter?We used to grow these and I too tried adding them to everything it seems such a shame to waste them. Love the recent paintings but havent had chance to see them until now. Good look with the house move.
love Janet (Canaryadeje)