Monday, September 26, 2011


 I'm still packing. I do a bit each day because I have a bad back. Jim does all of the carrying and stacking. We gave notice to our strange landlady and she will not pick up the certified letter. So..I emailed her with a copy of what our letter said and she wrote back that she never got the 3 quotes we sent her on the bridge and creek work that needs to be done. She is claiming that she never got the letters with the quotes. She also claims that our agreement states that we will "talk" about major repairs, not that she had any obligation to do anything about it! ...and that there was no timeline in the agreement so she feels like she can do it when she has the money. Now she thinks we can work it out! "let's get together and "talk"". LOL Too Late! I just hope she leaves us alone. Our attorney checked the lease and he says we have every right to move. Yea! Some people are so weird. No closing date yet. They are still trying to figure out what John's income is in spite of the fact that they have his Tax returns done by his CPA. Banks are just weird. I think that the lesson for me in all of this is to just have faith and let it roll off of my back.  It will all work out soon.


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