Monday, November 28, 2011

My Philosophy-Go With The Flow

I am feeling rather philosophical lately and I would love to sum it all up.  These are the things I know to be true for my life.  I cannot control my reactions but I can control my actions (behaviour) as a result of my first gut feeling.  My reactions come from all that I have experienced and my actions result from all that I have learned.

Go with the flow - If there is a storm, I can't stop it but I can go with the flow of it.  I might get hurt and I might not, but it will not kill me.  The scars will heal if I allow it to happen.  I recently had an experience where my feelings got hurt in regards to my art.  I allowed my friends to support me, I continued to make art and I got over it very quickly.  For me, the trick is to not compulsively think about it.  I let go and the wound healed.  10 yeas ago I would have milked it for all it was worth for weeks and weeks.   I am a compulsive personality and I have learned to let Go.  This is part of my philosophy.  Now I will peacefully paint.
***the painting is an attempt at working on Susie Short's DVD "Winter Creek".    

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