Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I drive a 1991 Dodge Caravan which I love! It's got a huge dent in the side but it runs perfectly.  It really needs cleaning but instead of that...I am buying a new car!  Well, not a new car but a pre owned one.  I like the Prius because it is a Hybrid and gets 40 or so miles to the gallon.  That's twice what my caravan gets.  I bought my caravan when I had smaller Grandchildren to drive around and now they all have their own cars.  

Now, let's have a chat about my car and the huge dent.  I was out to lunch with a few friends in Las Vegas.  I came out of this fine establishment and my car had been assaulted!  I keep meaning to have it fixed but the older my car got the more I kept thinking that I would buy a new one.  Our plan was to buy it in June 2012 but we decided that we could handle it now....Whoopeeee!  Off to deal with the car dealer...which I can bearly take.  If he treats me like I am invisible,,,,  I walk!  Hmmmm..Maybe I will get a saleswoman!

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Norena said...

I did not get a saleswoman and I think I will drive my caravan forever!