Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Fear of Painting

I know, I have been away for awhile .  I Have been working on a gratitude journal, Painting oils, Painting watercolor postcards and going to The Artist Way classes.  The first class, the jury was out, whether or not I was going to like it but not. After three classes, I like it a lot.  On Monday, I went to the dam and read my chapter assignment then went to Tim Horton's for Hazelnut coffee.  I loved the experience and haven't done it since??? When I came home, I painted this in one session.  It needs a lot but has a good start.  As you can see, I love autumn colors.  I painted this from a lesson by Margaret Kessler on the sunporch where I have wonderful Light.

I have had the book "The Artist Way" for several years and have tried to read it but I needed help and support.  I am getting this from my class and leader at The McConnell Center in Worthington.

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