Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Parker Family Reunion

On July 5th we met in Wooster Ohio for a family reunion.  I went dreading the experience and left feeling connected and loved.  The photo is of my Mama and her two sons, John and Jim.  I took more photos but I have to be careful with posting too much of my 3 sisters, nieces and nephew.

We met at a beautiful venue!  At a Wooster park, we met at the renovated cabin and grounds that my brother John takes part in the success of this wonderful place.

My Mama is 94 years old and I sure hope I got her longevity genes!  We have had our struggles but the reunion seemed to smooth out the rough edges of our relationship.  Mom wanted all of her 6 children together and we managed it.  Thank you John and Cindy for your hard work!I believe that all families have their difference but in the end, we are family

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