Monday, March 17, 2008

Groundhog day

Today they come and do the house inspection in IN house and do the appraisal. After that, it's wait until April 21 to close on the house and move. I'm having a lot of days that are the same as the last. I miss DH, I'm mourning the loss of my home and friends in IN and I'm excited about the new home in Las Vegas. I took Maggie and Mollie to the groomers this morning and I have to be out of the house for 3 hours so that they can inspect and appraise. I've tried to paint but I am not doing very well. My state of mind has something to do with it. The interest rate dropped over the weekend just in time for the new house loan. Yea! DH is coming home this Thursday for Easter and that will make it better. Michele and Todd and children are also coming and I can cook for and hug my family. That makes me happy.

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