Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meeting New Friends

On Tuesday I went to lunch with Susan, friend of my brother John. We went to The Cheescake Factory (No, I didn't eat Cheesecake) and had a really nice time. Susan brought me a beautiful GARDINIA PLANT for a housewarming gift. I love it! It hasn't bloomed yet but when it does, ahhhh the scent. She told me about The Golden Spoon, a frozen yogurt place that has the best non-fat yogurt! I found one right down the street from me. She was right, yummy!

Yesterday, I met some neighbors. They were on their way to California for the weekend. We had a few minutes to talk and they seemed very nice. Then I went to my first Kiwanis meeting here in Las Vegas. It was very different than my meeting in Carmel. The membership was all men, the meeting lasted for two hours and the lunch was $15.00!

I did not get any unpacking done but I needed the break! BACK TO it today.

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