Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Home, New Life

I have moved into my new home in beautiful Las Vegas! I was sick for awhile after I arrived with a gall stone and the flu. Now I'm better and excited to start my new life again. Yesterday was the first time I drove in Vegas and what an Experience. I had a doctors appointment with an internal medicine doc. I drove all the way from one mountain to the opposite mountain before discovering that the address on the hospital referral paperwork was two years old and the doc had moved. Needless to say, I missed my appointment. The rules for driving in Vegas are "There are no rules". A green lights means don't go until everyone going in the opposite direction has a chance to continue running the red light. This is the only city I know that loves U-Turns. My GPS understands this even if I don't.

I have done a great deal of the inside unpacking and my house is beginning to look "homey'. Yesterday I found several thrift stores in my travels. I bought a french press coffee pot, some bowls that match my set and a piece of fabric to make valances for my great room windows. It has the exact right colors for the room, sage, cinnamon, desert gold, wheatgrass. 4 1/2 yards for $10, wahoo! Did I tell you that my coffee pot and all my dishes are on a missing moving van? Well, actually not missing. It will be here Thursday.

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