Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BFF's Charlie and Maggie

Ahhh!  BFF's  I can't even believe how easy this transition has been.  Such love!  All three have or have had kennel cough but that's to be expected since Charlie can out of the Pet Shelter.  They are all better now and it  didn't last longer than a day. 

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Quilt Knit said...

His Love to you all. I lost my job back in 1994. I went back to school- was suppose to help. Finally, after graduating with AAS and Phi Theta Kappa, with all new English, Math to first year Calculus and Graphics Technology in both Macintosh and IBM platform computers- First words after having worked 16.5 years as a Chemical Research assistant and getting my new degree - "What have you been doing for past 2.5years? I had received an award to attend a full time Private Art School so I continued. Why? Because according to the interviewers I had no experience. I pray that His Circle of Angels come and ease your search. The Doggies are just prescious!