Monday, June 21, 2010

Charlie Had to Go to Doggie Hospital

Charlie is home and doing well.  He had to be sedated because he has separation anxiety.  Charlie had a stomach virus and had to get a fluid IV and an antibiotic but he seems to be doing well now.  He ate his rice and boiled chicken this morning and is back asleep.  We sure do love our furry babies.


Jim said...

He really scared us. Now my son is all better. He slept with us last night and did not move from one spot all night. Most of the time he is good Charlie and there are those times when he is "Chuckie." All of his Chuckie times were erased when we saw how sick he was.

AutumnLeaves said...

Poor little guy. They worry us sick, just like our kids did/do, don't they? And the vet bills can be killer! We have 4 dogs in the house (one is my daughter's), 3 cats, a fish, a rabbit...Yikes! Glad Charlie is feeling better!!