Saturday, June 19, 2010


My wildlife experience has been limited but Michele saw two deer and Jim saw one deer while 4 wheeling in our back 40 ft. I have seen a BlueJay, a Cardinal, several hummingbirds and lots of Robins in the trees around our porch. We are finally getting the bird feeders out. Oh, lots of mosquitos, spiders and flies. ..and a woodpecker that did not have a red head.  Oh and fish in the pond and lots of frogs.

Our new carpet is down and we ordered vinyl flooring yesterday.  We found a box of flooring squares in the basement and Jim "floored" the area under our kitchen sink. It was pretty bad with spills and now it is cleanable. There is always a project to do on our little homestead. Jim finished putting up lattace on the inside of our screened porch. The three dogs kept breaking through the screen to get at the cat! It looks really cute. He also put in the doggie door. Because we are raise a bit on the outside he has to build a ramp. We got a indoor/outdoor piece of carpet to carpet the ramp. Green to match the out of doors. Pics to follow.

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AutumnLeaves said...

Norena, your home just sounds so lovely and how wonderful to have a Jim to do things about the place! Can you send him on over here??? You made me laugh with the "back 40 ft." comment!