Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Drawing Pencils

Yesterday, I did some experimenting with hardness of drawing pencils.  I printed out a guide of the different hardness of pencils and what they looked like.  I have decided the 4B is the best for my value sketches and erases the best for my Watercolor sketches.  I was having trouble erasing the sketch on watercolor paper and I discovered that my pencil was too hard and I was holding it wrong.  This little (5X7) sketch is a practice in using the painting knife  for the grasses.  I had fun with it.  Today I go to the dentist..No Fun.


freebird said...

No, the dentist is not fun. At least they don't seem to hurt as much as they did years ago!

I like your painting. I'll have to remember the grass treatment. It seems to make finer blades than I can paint with a brush plus the pigment seems to be better laid out.

I use a regular pencil (I think they are 2B but not sure) for my sketching. I can't see the lins when I use a harder lead but I press too hard to use anything softer.

Norena said...

Thanks FreeBird! The dentist was fine and I got my new mouth guard..the replacement for the one Charlie ate!

I do like to use the pallette knife/painting knife.