Friday, February 18, 2011

Amazing Road Trip

We had such an amazing get together with my children and grandchildren.  The only one that coldn't be there was Aaron, who had to work.  We met a t Max and Erma's for lunch and then went thrifting, my favorite thing to do.  John had to get back to work and Michele and Lina went one direction and Alexis, Jim and I went another.  We were so excited to find Dick Blicks right down the road from my granddaughter's apartment.  Of course, we had to shop.  Jim got some glazes for pottery and I got Golden Digital Ground Clear (Gloss) to transfer photos to any other surface.  I'm excited to try it.  Oh, I also got a bone folder.  Then we dropped off Lexi and we try to head home.  We got as far as I71 and it was CLOSED!  Everyone going that direction had to be rerouted which took us about two hours to get back to I71.  We were behinds trucks the whole way so we couldn't see where we are going.  By the time we got on the road it was past dinner time and I don't do well with hunger.  We stopped at the Amish restaurant and had chicken.  It was yummy and I was in a better mood with my tummy full.  We got home at 8:00.  Amazing! 


Anonymous said...

Upload the rest of the pictures to facebook!! Glad you two made it home okay.


Norena said...

Yes, tired but happy.