Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Ok, I admit it.  I shop at Goodwill!  I am a Goodwill Addict in fact.  I stored all of the area Goodwill stores in my GPS so that my sister Pat and I can go from store to store and not get lost.  I am typing this in my art room/studio and this is what I see from Goodwill.  A two drawer file cabinet, a 6 foot paintbrush ($1.00), two hardwood bookcases, The table that I paint on, a hortizonal file where I store my watercolor paper, a heater for my coffee mug, many art books, several folding tables, a turntable that holds my brushes, storage bins, a shower curtain that hangs in front of my shelved cabinet, etc..  I was going to post pics but my camera is in the storage console in my van that I bought at Goodwill.

On Sunday, I found a Play and freeze ice cream ball!  Yea!  You put your ice, salt and ingredients and toss it for about 20 minutes and you have a pint of ice cream.  I guess my guests will have to work for their ice cream!   You who know me know that I love "projects" and they usually involve Jim.   I have wanted to make my own Plein air easel and I have got a great start.  It will be a Pochade box mounted on a lightweight easel.  I found a wooden box and a new easel aluminum easel (at Goodwill, of course) and Jim is helping me put it together.  I will post it when we are done.  The cost will be under $10.00!  I'll bet you can't wait for the photos!

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