Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas 2012

Santa? Nope that's Jim, my best friend and Husband.
Christmas Elf?  Nope, that's Lina
Charlie, The Christmas dog!
 Christmas when the children were little was magical.  And then the Grandchildren came and again, Magical!

Now we have young adults and it just keeps getting better.  We celebrated our Christmas last night and had such a good time.

Dinner was Ham, 7 layer Pea Salad, Waldorf Salad and Bacardi Rum cake with whipped Cream!   And.......lots of cookies!  My wonderful neighbors, Ruth, Vickie and Stella brought cookies for us and I bakes 3 kinds.  I tried to send them home with the kids but I think they left a few for us.  Yum.  I will have to pace myself.

Charlie thought that Lexi's coat was a chew toy.  It looked kind of like his fur.  It was removed in time!

Dalton is a welcome addition to our family.  The best hugger EVER!

John and one of his new dishes.

That's me!  I finally got in the pictures because I handed the camera to Jim.  I am holding the beautiful Bath  salts that Lina made for me.
John, my wonderful son!  He taught me how to be a good Mother.
Lexi and Damon.  I finally captured a good picture of the two of them!  Thanks Damon! 

Yes, picture # 2 of Lexi and Damon.  I got two pictures of them!

Maggie our Christmas dog #2

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