Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Drawing with Danny Gregory

The Old Stone Church
On May 31, we traveled to Massachusetts to a drawing weekend with Danny Gregory.  Jim and I took turns driving , stopped at Niagara Falls for the night, stayed at Howard Johnson's, got my  Kindle stolen, arrived at Rowe Conference Center and jump kicked my drawing with Danny Gregory!  Drawings to follow.
Our Napkins
Ok, let's talk about the napkins.  Isn't it funny what each of us remember different things about an experience.  We saved our cloth napkins, put them in a cubby with our name on it, (I was Joyous, I think) and used the same one every meal.  A little weird to me but maybe I have a lot to learn about conservation.  I will keep an open mind.
Danny and JJ

 I believe that Danny Gregory is exactly the man you thought he was.  Kind, generous, and very talented.  I have always thought that I overexpose who I am but I feel like Danny gives me permission to say it like it is or who I am.  JJ is Danny's friend and she is lovely and generous too.  They are both very real and I am happy for Danny.

The Post Office

Phone Booth, Are we in England?

Dew on the leaves, beautiful!

The waterfall

Did I tell you that I love Barns?  I took this photo from the car window.
The bridge to our Cabin

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