Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Beginnings of My Journal-Drawings and Words

The Lake at Rowe.  I really enjoyed drawing and painting out in the open air.  It's not perfect but I enjoyed it and that's what's important. I have been given "The Creative License" by Danny Gregory.  I already had the book but now I believe that whatever I draw is OK.  Believe it or not, I own 4 of Danny's books and have only looked at the drawings.  I did not slow down enough to read the words.  Now I am drawing and reading and found "The Creative License" invaluable.
I love to create in so many ways that some days I get nothing done.  Draw, paint, hook wool rugs, sew, quilt, and cook/bake.  It's time to start drawing my creations.
This is supposed to be a Canadian Goose and it turned out a duck!
I used to have trees like that!  They split in the snow.  This is the Rowe Post Office.
Since I love to eat, I have discovered that I like to draw food.
The leg on that table is unique!  The chair was try and try again.

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