Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What A summer!

In an effort to spruce up our Westerville home, we had a new cement (why does that remind me of a "cement Pond" from the Beverly Hillbillies?) driveway installed  Jim fixed the ceiling in our kitchen.  We had a wall taken down between the family room and dining room.  Jim built in cupboards (a gift from our son)and counters in my art room.  We contacted to have an in ground pool installed.  My son John and Jim rebuilt the falling down shed.

The wall with the mirror is now gone!

Jim supervising the cement driveway

Cement truck

Newly decorated shed

My art room.  I love it!

You will notice that there are no pictures of our pool!  We contracted in May and we still have not broken ground!  20 straight days of rain and more rain and more rain!  It turns out that pools can not be dug in the rain according to our contractor.

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