Saturday, January 15, 2011

Random Thoughts

It's all beautiful and snowy white outside and I hear that we are getting more this afternoon.  That's okay with me except that I really should not be driving in the storm so I won't.  I am sitting in my art room pondering how creative I will be today.  Some would look at my room and think "hoarding".  I think "creation"!  As long as the rest of the house doesn't fill up, I am good. 

Today is my granddaughters 21st birthday.  I received a text with her hand holding her drivers license and her saying "Yea"!  She was a beautiful baby and now she is a beautiful adult!  She is so excited and I am excited for her.  Happy Birthday Lexi!!!

As of January 1, 2011 I decided to take much better care of myself.  I joined Dr Oz's "Move It and Lose It " but I'm struggling to understand the web site.  I am watching portion control and cutting out sugar.  Yesterday I went to a new salon and got a really cute haircut.  I am taking better care of my skin, which I have neglected.  Excercise is next but I guess I keep putting it off.  I have lost 2 # so far so I am on my way.  My goal is to be healthier and to live longer. 

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