Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Avoidence of Pain

I know.  I am being philosophical this morning.  We are waiting for the packers to come and I have to set aside all that I don't want them to pack.  They will pack your wastebaskets full of trash if they are there.  So, as I putting stuff aside (that will go in the car) I'm thinking.  What if I get a headache? (Aleve).  What if I get a tummy ache? Prilosec.  What if my back goes out? (Ice Pack).  What if none of those things happen and I fill up my car with things I didn't need to take in the car all the way across the USA?  Ok, I'll take my art and my camera.

In my life I have been really stuck in places that I knew I should not be.  All to avoid the pain.  Often, when I get off dead center, there is little pain or none at all.  Walking away from someone or something that makes me unhappy is the tough one.  I have a family who loves me, a few good friends and a kind loving husband.  My blessings far outweigh my difficulty. 

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AutumnLeaves said...

I am a huge pain avoider myself, Norena. I can relate to your thoughts here and on a quite visceral level. Hoping and praying that you and your husband have safe travels and a most enjoyable trip!