Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh My!

Our Air conditioner broke 16 days before we move out!  My allergies are terrible!  We vacated yesterday to show the house twice and we were stood up both times!  Ok, That's my rant.  Now the good stuff.  I have a big cup of joe in a big red cup and that makes me happy.  I have started a list of the things I want to take in the car for our trip across the USA.  Me, Jim, Mollie, Maggie and Charlie.  Benydryle, not for me, for Charlie.  Plastic bags, water and food bowls and paper towels.  That's it so far.

Today is Mothers Day and I wish all mothers a happy day.  My own mother turned 90 this year and now I will be closer to her.  Mom is an accountant and is still working.  She lives in her own home alone and is still kicking butts and taking names.  I hope I have her longevity!  Sometimes she is difficult and sometimes she is very sweet.  I just never know which mom I will encounter.  I got my strength and tenacity from her and I think my creative side came from her.  I remember when she used to sew our clothes, needlepoint, knit and crochet.  Out of the necessity to raise 6 children on her own, she had to rely on her left brain and went into accounting.  Happy Mothers Day Mom.

On Mothers Day, I think of my own children, Michele and John.  They have both brought me great joy in their own ways.  My Grandchildren, Lina, Alexis and Aaron are perfect of course.  They all live in Ohio and I am so ready to be there and be with them. 

This is a picture of two Ohio kids.

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AutumnLeaves said...

Oh my! I so hope your house sells quickly, and if it doesn't that it isn't a hardship for you two, Norena. How wonderful to be moving near your kids! How awesome that your mom is still going strong at 90!