Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I have a Boo Boo

Everytime I move I hurt myself!  yesterday I cut my finger on a knife.  Not a bad cut..just inconvenient.  I have what Barbara calls good/bad stress.  yep, that describes it.  Today I plan to shampoo a dog.  One dog a day should get them ready to travel close quarters in the car for 4 days.  Today I am thinking about fresh eggs, free range chickens, and beef that is not pumped full of drugs.  I am anxious to plant my veggie and herb garden.  I realize that it has been many years sice I have grown a garden and my body got older.  I will just have to pace myself or get help.  I am part of the Back to the Land movement and I love it.  We leave in seven days.  That's how long it took God to create the world and I plan to create my new world starting now.

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AutumnLeaves said...

Yay for new beginnings!! So sorry about that annoying cut. I hate when that happens. And yay for clean and fresh smelling dogs. We have 4 in our house right now and I can't stand the smells!