Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's a She!

OK, I now know the name of the shop cat.  It's name is Shop Cat, "Shoppie" for short!  I kid you not!  Maybe we could change her name to something prettier like "Sophie".  I have received word from Christine (our landlady) that she keeps down the mole population  (the cat) but sometimes will bring a bird to the back door.  Oh my! I have had cats before that deposit little "presents" at my feet and I know what to do.  Call for Jim to remove it! 

I have been dreaming of "country" things.  Quilts (yes, I quilt), hand-hooked rugs (yes, I rug hook with my own hand dyed wool),  Canning and baking bread . I know I could have done all of that in Las Vegas but what's the point?  I am a country girl who has been out of her element. 

We will be living in Amish Country so we will have to slow down.  I took this pic not far from our new home.  I'm thinking free range chickens, Amish baked goods and Hand woven baskets.  What an ideal place to take photographs.  The Amish do not want their picture taken so I will be obscure.  Do you think he knew I took his picture?


RHCarpenter said...

Norena, I know Arizona can be gorgeous - but farmland in OH is so much better IMO, the air is softer, the grass is greener, and what a treat to live with a barn, a pond, some land, a comfortable home, and close to the Amish baked goods! Good luck on your new home - I hope it brings you and Jim much luck and joy.

AutumnLeaves said...

I'm a country girl at heart myself, Norena. I find myself a tad nonplussed about that homage to modern day life by having the caution sign on the back of the buggy! Somewhat of an irony, yes? Sigh...home made bread...Haven't done that in ages!